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Forget FTP and other outdated workarounds: scoopa moves files in broadcast quality of any size. Share your content fast, easily and cost-effective from anywhere and with anyone.
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Leading media companies and sports broadcasters use scoopa to quickly share their broadcast video content in the cloud around the world.
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Move aside FTP: scoopa is here to professionalize file sharing

Waiting countless hours or even days for the latest content to be transferred? No media company has the time or patience for this. And let us not get started on how to afford the many extensive hours needed for distributing broadcast quality content.
With scoopa those challenges are over.

With scoopa you store your TV content in the cloud once and share it around the world with any number of recipients. Just one click and your files are delivered at the highest possible speed and in the highest quality.

Less waiting
High-speed uploads and downloads for fast and easy sharing, downloading, and reusing
Less stress
Simple workflows all the time – including smart features such as automated metadata or asset management
Less limitations
Easy, intuitive online and mobile access that requires no extra hardware or software
Less worrying
Maximum security and control: Keep track of who accesses your data and when
Less bottlenecks
Fast, flexible, scalable with unlimited storage and bandwidth – ready for 8K technology
Less costs
No costs for FTP server, hard disks, couriers, transmissions or IT investments
Lots of features
Sharing and managing video content with scoopa? A piece of cake!
scoopa includes many features that take the load off your shoulders, save you time and create opportunities for more reach.
Start right away
Web-based and fast: With scoopa you are up and running immediately – without any installations, large setups or complicated onboarding.
Work easily on-the-go
Straightforward online access and responsive design let you work independently from anywhere using your smartphone.
Utilize your available bandwidth
scoopa guarantees high-speed uploads and downloads at 90-95 % of your bandwidth.
No more hide and seek
With scoopa you easily manage and search metadata to better organize your files.
Stay up-to-date
Automatic email notifications make sure you know when there is a new upload. The right preview is directly included.
Upload when and where you need to
Nothing's gonna stop you now: Upload in your browser, with your smartphone, or via Amazon S3!
More than a software
We support you throughout the entire process from setup to efficient use - free of charge.
Want a quick start? Say the word, and we'll help you and your team with setup and onboarding to make the most of scoopa and maximize the value of your content. 100% remote.
More than a software
Your data is secure in the cloud
Whether it's EU-compliant data protection or fail-safe hosting via Amazon AWS, data security and availability are top priorities at scoopa, making us more secure and efficient than traditional providers. Now, you can stop worrying about data loss or slow uploads and downloads even when you are on the other side of the world!
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Customer reviews
Leading media companies move files with scoopa
Our DTM video content should be available to our media partners and TV teams just as our races. To achieve this, the workflows have to be simple and manageable at any time, for instance on the smartphone at the racetrack as well. We looked at many solutions with the result that simply offers the best performance.
Oliver Simon, Director Business Unit TV & Streaming DTM
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