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An industry-ready solution we love to use ourselves
We ourselves work in media and TV production and know the challenge of delivering content in broadcast quality to a large number of recipients as quickly as possible. FTP and other workarounds soon reach their limits. Far too slow and without the necessary control and security. To scale with it? Unthinkable! Signiant or Aspera? For many, too complex, too expensive.
This is how our vision came to life: to improve file delivery and file sharing of broadcast-quality video content. Easier, more efficient and above all fast. Our mission: We develop a solution that we want to use ourselves!
Our benefits
Our guidelines for development
Automated workflows that save time
Enable high-speed uploads and downloads
High efficiency
Easy to use without technical knowledge
Cloud storage and sharing instead of transferring
Broadcast instead of web quality
Support decentralized working
Many media companies love working with scoopa
users accross all platforms
encoded minutes per month
notifications per month
downloads per month
data-transfer per month
Our team combines more than 50 years of experience in broadcast and TV production, professional video editing and software development. We know the user's perspective, work alongside our customers and provide full support to ensure that sharing video content is easier, safer and faster.
René Alles
René Alles
Managing Director
Volker Ansmann
Volker Ansmann
Managing Director /
Head of Development
Marcel Alles
Marcel Alles
Director of Sales
Christian Lüth
Christian Lüth
Senior Software Architect
Content has to be available IMMEDIATELY in the best resolution at anytime and anywhere - otherwise you will not stand a chance in today's fierce competition for attention and reach, and you will be suspended.
René Alles - Managing Director
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